Rule and regulation


Director of Football and Player Development (“DFPD”), a subsidiary of the N-Youth League Cup, Organises, manages , and administers the elite Youth division League Tournament, a youth development program with the mission of providing world class football experience and competition for teenagers and Young adults between the ages of 16-19 which in this document will be referred to as “U-19”.  The N-Youth League Cup provides a professional and top tier player development pathway for future  professional, and international players, and includes league and postseason competitions, as well as other development-focused initiatives.


Terms written in capital letters shall have the definitions given to them in this section. Capitalised terms not defined in this section but defined in other parts of these Rules and Regulations or in other N-Youth League Cup Rules and Policies (as defined below) will have the meaning ascribed to them in those sections or documents.

a. Affiliation.

A collaboration based on a partnership between a Club and a non N-Youth League Cup club and confirmed in a written document that is signed by DFPD and approved by the board of directors of each such club.

b. NFF.

The Nigerian Football Federation, is the Football governing body in Nigeria.

c. Club (or “Member”).

Any football club whose application for membership in the N-Youth league has been accepted, and that has signed a Membership Agreement and paid a registration fee in the amount directed by DFPD. A fully completed Membership Agreement is required for a Club to become a valid member of the Nigerian Youth League cup.

d. Club Representative.

Any Club personnel, which includes but is not limited to, any Club employees, Coaches, trainers, Team administrators, other support or volunteer staff, or any individual who carries themselves as being affiliated with a Club in a manner that is known or should be known to the Club, which assist the Club in connection with the N-Youth League Cup.

e. Coach.

An individual who performs the duties and services as may be assigned to him/her by a Club regarding the training of youth football players, including, but not limited to, 

(i) conducting and supervising the Team’s practices, training camps, and training sessions, (ii) coaching/managing the Team in all competitions and Games, (iii) preparing technically and tactically for all Games played by the Team, including developing Game strategies, (iv) overseeing off-season Player development activities for the Team, (v) consulting and advising concerning the Team’s Roster and Player trades, (vi) directing and supervising the Team’s coaching staff, (vii) implementing Club and League rules, and/or (viii) participating in promotional, sponsorship, and public relations activities.

f. N-Youth League Cup

The organisers of the N-Youth League Cup Nationwide Tournament,

Herein, this document will also be referred to as “NYLC.”

g.  Competitive Season

The period between the first official NYLC Game scheduled by NYLC and the final official NYLC game scheduled by DFPD.

h. Division.

The grouping of teams that compete against each other in a Season and whose performance and standings are tracked and reported together

i. FIFA.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the international governing body of football.

j. Fixture.

 A set of scheduled Games of the U-19 age group scheduled to take place on a particular date and time.

k. Game.

Any football match played between two NYLC Clubs or any match organised by DFDP as part of an NYLC Competition.

1. Game Day Roster.

The official game day roster that each NYLC Team must create and hand over to the referee before an NYLC Game, which for U19 lists 18 Players from the Roster who will be eligible to participate in that Game as well as all individuals who will be in the Club’s technical area at any point during the Game.

m. Game Decision.

Events or incidents which have a direct consequence on games, excluding disciplinary matters, this includes, but not limited to, the eligibility of Players, the state of the field, accessory or game equipment, conduct of the crowd, and stadium installations.

n. Game Official.

The referee, assistant referees, fourth official, game commissioner, referee inspector, the safety lead, and/or any other persons appointed by DFPD and/or Professional Referee Organization (“PRO”) to assume responsibility in connection with a Game.

o. Game Report.

A form submitted by Game Officials which records Game data on the field of play, including, but not limited to, a win, loss, tie, goals scored for, goals scored against, total points achieved, misconduct, suspensions, and injuries.

p. Infraction/breach.

Any violation or alleged violation of the NYLC Rules and regulations, or any action or alleged action that is against the spirit of the NYLC Rules and Regulations

q. Lifetime Ban.

Permanently prohibiting an individual from participating in the NYLC.

r. Membership Agreement.

The agreement that outlines each Club’s rights and obligations; a fully completed Membership Agreement is necessary for a Club to join NYLC in good standing.

s. N-Youth League Cup (NYLC) Competition.

The NYLC schedule, which collectively refers to friendly games, NYLC Regular Season games, involving at least one Club and organised by DFPD. 

t. NYLC Events

This definition covers, but is not limited to, all NYLC-sanctioned competitions, leagues, showcases, and camps held by DFPD or NYLC Clubs, as well as regional affiliate organisations (if the event is approved by DFPD). Even though DFPD might not have authority or control over non-sanctioned events run or organised by Clubs, any behaviour that is prohibited by this policy, even at non-sanctioned events, may be used as a separate justification for disciplinary action if it raises concerns about a NYLC Participant’s eligibility to take part in NYLC Events or NYLC Competitions.


The N-Youth League Cup  General Manager

v. NYLC High School Waiver.

The waiver form that must be filled out if a registered full-time Player’s admission or scholarship to a private high school requires the Player to play on the team there.

w. NYLC Participant.

Any player, club, club representative, DFPD employee who does not otherwise meet the requirements for NYLC Program Staff, game official, parent, spectator, volunteer, independent contractor (including, but not limited to, security or medical staff, including an athletic trainer who does not meet the requirements for club representative), or other person who attends or participates in a NYLC Event.


The two-to-three week period of break from regular season footballing activities. 

y. NYLC Program Staff

Those people who carry out all NYLC EVENTS on DFPDS behalf.

z. NYLC Regular Season

The time frame starting on a date designated by the NYLC and ending on a date specified by the NYLC during which NYLC Competition between Clubs take place, including state, regional, and national NYLC Showcases, and counting points for regular season standings toward the time frame designated by the NYLC for the activities associated with the close of the regular season.

aa. NYLC Rules and Policies

Together, these Rules and Regulations, each Club’s NYLC Membership Agreement, the NYLC Commercial Marketing Guidelines, the NYLC Style Guide, the NYLC Disciplinary Code (including the Code of Conduct), the NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy, the NYLC Privacy Policy, and any additional DFPD rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, procedures, or directives, including, without limitation, any other organisational agreements of DFPD and its affiliates (in each case), shall constitute the DFPD Rules and Regulations

bb. NYLC Season.

The entire calendar year’s worth of competitive and non-competitive events that DFPD organises under the banner of the NYLC, including but not limited to the Pre-Season, NYLC Regular Season, NYLC Postseason, and any other events that DFPD organises. 

cc. NYLC Technical Standards

All laws and regulations pertaining to the technical football requirements for any NYLC competition as well as the requirements for physical preparation. Substitutions, field size, and coach licensing and certification are just a few of these.

dd. NYLC Waiver.

The waiver and release form that all Players (and, as applicable, Players’ parents or legal guardians) and Club Representatives must sign..

ee. NYLC Website.

The official NYLC website, coming soon… 

ff. Player. 

A person who have successfully completed the NYLC Registration process and qualifies for inclusion on a Roster.

gg. Player Add. 

Players who join a Club in between breaks. A Club may transfer up to five Players to another Club, add Future Players as full-time Players, or add up to five new full-time Players.

hh. Protest.

An argument against a game decision of any kind.

ii. Registration. 

The procedure by which each Player, Club, and Club Representative submits the necessary data and certifies that they understand and will abide by the NYLC Rules and Policies. Currently, registration is done online. 

jj. Roster.

A list of players and club representatives who have signed-up to be on a team.  

kk. Sanction.

A penalty or other means to enforce compliance with NYLC Rules and Policies

ll. Team.

Any collection of players who meet the age requirements set by a club to compete in NYLC events.

mm. Youth Football Organization for Nigeria (Youth FON)

Governing body of youth football in Nigeria.


 The NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy, which incorporates regulations from the Federal Ministry of Sports, the Nigerian Football Federation (“NFF”), and the Youth Football Organization of Nigeria (Youth FON), serves as the cornerstone for creating a football community in which all participants,whether they are players, coaches, referees, parents, administrators, or volunteers, take an active part in fostering an environment free of all forms of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Additionally, any behaviour that amounts to unfair, unfavourable, or unequal treatment based on a person’s protected status is prohibited by the NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy. This includes, but is not limited to, racism and sexism. DFPD is dedicated to preserving an environment free from all forms of discrimination at all NYLC Events. All NYLC rules and policies including the NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy, which is also available on the NYLC website. Any NYLC Participant who violates the NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy will face repercussions in accordance with the NYLC Disciplinary Code and the NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy from the non-compliant NYLC Club and/or NYLC Participant.


a. DFPD’s Authority & Discretion

NYLC is coordinated, run, and controlled by DFPD. By signing the NYLC Membership contract, Clubs agree that the decision-making and policy-setting of DFPD, including, but not limited to, setting forth the NYLC Rules and Regulations, setting a competition schedule, and imposing a framework for issuing discipline, shall be made by DFPD in its exclusive and absolute discretion.

b.  Committee Structure

According to DFPD, the expertise, cooperation, and input of its Clubs will increase its success. Therefore, DFPD will make an effort to get feedback from working groups in regards to topics like competition, environment, personal development, Player identification, hiring, business opportunities, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. These Working Groups will make recommendations to DFPD, which will still have the final say. In addition, DFPD may create additional Working Groups during the course of the NYLC Season, or future seasons, to ensure engagement and collaboration with key football stakeholders in Nigeria.

c. Discipline

A Club or NYLC Participant may be disciplined under the NYLC Disciplinary Code for any and all Infractions. If a Club or NYLC Participant is found to have broken any of the NYLC Rules and Policies, there may be a range of sanctions depending on the nature and frequency of the offence, including exclusion from NYLC Competitions and NYLC Events, fines, and termination from the Program, among other possible sanctions, all at the sole and absolute discretion of NYLC. Please refer to the NYLC Disciplinary Code for more details.


a. Consideration For Membership

To be eligible for admission to the Program, each Club that wants to take part in NYLC must submit a completed application form by the application deadline established by DFPD. 

In its sole and absolute discretion, DFPD will choose the precise standards to be used in evaluating applicant clubs. However, it is anticipated that, among other things, the following factors may be taken into account, with DFPD determining the importance of each factor in its sole discretion:

i.   Club values

ii.  The development of elite players in the past

iii. The number of current and potential players

iv. The expertise and experience of coaches and technical staff.

v.  Daily performance environment, including training, games, Equipments, staff  Support, non-football programs, etc.

vi.  Ability to reduce or eliminate costs to the Player.

vii. Location

viii.History of discipline

ix.  Background and backing for inclusion and diversity

Every year, the NYLC Program Staff will try to review and assess every application. The NYLC Program Staff will interview clubs in real time (virtually) after reviewing the applications submitted, and they will also solicit input from regional and international references.Clubs that are accepted and given the opportunity to become Members of NYLC will ultimately be decided by DFPD. An accepted Club will not become a Member until the club has agreed to abide by all NYLC Rules and Policies, provided the required registration fee payment to DFPD, and entered into a fully-executed NYLC Membership Agreement.

b. . Maintaining Eligibility

The NYLC Rules and Policies must be adhered to in full for Clubs to remain in good standing. Furthermore, DFPD retains the right to evaluate Clubs at any time. Such evaluations may include a review of both technical and administrative criteria (such as those outlined in Section V(a) above), as determined by DFPD in its sole discretion, as well as a review of the Club’s compliance with the NYLC Rules and Policies. If  DFPD finds that a Club is in violation of these standards or any of the NYLC Rules and Policies, the Club may face sanctions, up to and including expulsion from NYLC.

c. Withdrawal of a Club

If a Club leaves the NYLC before completing it’s planned NYLC Season, the Club will forfeit its membership and performance bond, and the following rules will be in effect: 

i. If the club has played at least half of the full schedule of NYLC Games, all resulting  scores stand as validated by DFPD;

ii. If less than half of the full schedule of NYLC Games for the Club in question has been played, these completed games will be deleted from the standings; and

iii. In the sole and absolute discretion of DFPD, any remaining NYLC Games shall either be recorded as a forfeit victory for the opponent and/or rescheduled, as may be appropriate.

d. Termination

In accordance with the NYLC Membership Agreement, DFPD reserves the right to terminate any Club’s NYLC Membership at any time for failure to meet the NYLC Technical Standards, violation of any NYLC Rules and Regulations, or taking or failing to stop any action that defeats the purpose or intent of any NYLC Rules and Policies. In each of these cases, the decision will be made in accordance with the NYLC Disciplinary Code.


a. All Clubs and NYLC Participants are expected to comply with the NYLC  Rules and regulations.

 The NYLC Rules and Policies must be adopted by Clubs on behalf of all of their staff members and Club Representatives in order to be in compliance. The NYLC Rules and Policies may be enforced in any manner determined by the DFPD in its sole and absolute discretion. 

A Club’s standing and membership in NYLC, as well as an individual’s participation in NYLC, may be in jeopardy should either party be found to have violated any of the NYLC Rules and Policies, as further explained below. Additionally, there may be periodic changes to the NYLC Rules and Policies. Although DFPD makes every effort to avoid making changes to the NYLC Rules and Policies in the middle of the season, DFPD reserves the right to do so at any time, particularly to the extent required by applicable law, the NFF, or Youth FON, or in other situations where DFPD believes it is in the best interest of NYLC and/or the safety of its Players. In the event that these NYLC Rules and Regulations are modified, DFPD will use reasonable efforts to notify Clubs in advance.

DFPD may, in its sole discretion, use any information in determining whether a participant is ineligible for the NYLC, subject to any applicable laws. Any conviction for a felony, a gross misdemeanour, a violation of NYLC rules and policies, or a driving offence, such as a licence suspension, reckless driving, drunk driving, or a DUI, may be included in this information without limitation.

DFPD reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or substitute any individual accused of physical or sexual misconduct or any other violation of the NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy until the matter is resolved. In the sole and absolute discretion of DFPD, a person who has been charged but later found not guilty may request to be reinstated to eligibility within the NYLC. 

It is not guaranteed that they will be reinstated to their prior position or to any other position within the NYLC ecosystem, and reinstatement is not a right.

b. Reporting Obligations

All Clubs and Covered Persons (as defined in the NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy to mean any individual age sixteen or older is an NYLC Participant who has Regular Contact (which means, recurring, repeated or periodic contact between an Adult and anyone under the lesser of (1) the age of 18, or (2) the age of majority in the applicable state or Local Government, or a person with supervisory or decision-making authority over an Adult who has recurring, repeated or periodic contact with Minors, including but not limited to overseeing, supervising, chaperoning, or otherwise interacting) with any Player or Game Official, who is a Minor, in connection with Covered Programs (as defined in the Safety and Wellbeing Policy) must comply with all reporting obligations set forth in the NYLC Rules and Regulations. Failure by Clubs and Covered Persons to promptly report violations of the NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy constitutes a violation of the NYLC Rules and Regulations. Clubs, Covered Persons, and all NYLC Participants should report pertinent situations that appear to be in non-compliance with the NYLC Rules and Regulations to DFPD. Reporting non-compliance on the part of other Clubs should not be viewed as a negative, but rather as a positive attempt to maintain consistent standards that ensure professionalism, safety, and fairness, both on and off the field.

c. Conduct

Each Club shall execute and deliver to NYLC its annual Membership Agreement prior to the beginning of the following season upon DFPD’s renewal of a Club’s membership in NYLC. If a Club does not renew its NYLC Membership by signing the yearly Membership Agreement and paying the performance bond as instructed by NYLC, that Club will not be allowed to take part in NYLC Events for that year. If a Club fails to give sufficient notice of such non-renewal (at least thirty (30) days), the Club will lose its performance bond. 

Each Club is in charge of monitoring the behaviour of all of its NYLC Participants, which may include but is not limited to its Club Representatives and Players, parents, volunteers, and spectators.

d. Development

i. Training Days:

 Each Team at the  U19 age groups is expected to hold at least four (4) training sessions per week while the Team is competing during the NYLC Season.

ii. Rest Days:

1. Each Team at the  U19 age groups is expected to provide at least one (1) day of rest per week during the NYLC Season.


a. Permissible Outside Competition

Clubs may compete in prestigious tournaments outside of the NYLC platform, subject to DFPD approval (and in the case of international tournament participation, additional DFPD ,NFF, and/or Youth FON approvals may be required). Clubs will only be permitted to participate in approved competitions and events that follow the NYLC Technical Standards (see Technical Standards section below) and are in compliance with the standards outlined in the NYLC Outside Competition Standards. Club participation in outside competitions without prior approval may result in disciplinary measures taken against such clubs.


To seek permission, the Club must submit to DFPD an NYLC Outside Competition Application, including a roster and all necessary background information to DFPD no later than eight (8) weeks before the event. In the event the Team plans to travel internationally, the Club must also submit the appropriate documentation to the NFF.

 The NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy and the other policies therein remain applicable to any Club travelling internationally.

b. Player Participation in Outside Competition

Players are required to comply with all attendance and participation requirements set forth by the NYLC Rules and Policies as well as any specific Club requirements with regard to NYLC Games and training for their Club during the NYLC Season. Absent extenuating circumstances (to be determined by DFPD and the Club), the failure to meet those requirements should result in the Player’s removal from the Club. The DFPD strongly advises Clubs to make sure that Players comply with the attendance and participation requirements; clubs that fail to take the necessary steps to guarantee that such requirements are met risk sanctions. Except as provided in this Section and in connection with a Player’s National Team duty and/or participation in the Youth National Team Identification NFF, Clubs may not permit any full-time Player to engage in non-NYLC football activities during the NYLC Season. Clubs will be held liable for the deeds of their Players, Club Representatives, parents, spectators, and volunteers, as well as other Club members. Players will be subject to DFPD and their own Club’s disciplinary measures.

c. Player Participation in Middle and High School Football

Players must consent to refrain from playing in both the NYLC and high school or middle school football at the same time. With the exception of what is stated here, players who play middle school or high school football are not permitted to participate in NYLC Events. During the high school football season, only Players who have been given a waiver by DFPD (waivers are not available for middle school) will be permitted to remain on their Club’s Roster. To be eligible for the roster exemption for the NYLC Season, DFPD must approve this waiver prior to the start of the season. The following are the requirements for eligibility for the waiver, and more details are available in the 

NYLC High School Waiver:

i. The Player received or will receive financial aid dependent on high school   football participation; and/or

ii. The Player has been accepted into a private high school based on football participation.

Although Clubs are not limited to a specific number of waivers, the number is naturally self-limiting to field a full Team throughout the NYLC Season. Full-time Players registered with a Club who do not meet waiver requirements and choose to play with their high school team will not be allowed to re-enter the Program during the same NYLC Season after participating in the high school season with their current or a different Club. If the waiver is granted, the Player must adhere to the disclosure requirement and provide a full injury and disciplinary report from their high school team to their NYLC Team.

d. College Camps

 If the Coach has approved attendance in advance, players are allowed to go to college camps. The following guidelines are in place for college camps:

i. The camp may be no longer than three (3) days in length;

ii. The Player may only attend one (1) camp per school per year; and

iii. The Player may not attend a camp if it falls during the competitive NYLC Season or is     equal to or less than one (1) week before the start of the competitive NYLC season.

iv.  Players may attend college camps that take place outside of the NYLC Season without needing to ask for a waiver. The DFPD will not provide insurance coverage for any incidents resulting from participation in college camps or other non-NYLC activities.


a. Training and Game Expectations

All Clubs must finish their entire NYLC Regular Season schedule and show up to all NYLC Events that are scheduled for them, unless doing so would be against local government directives or suggestions, or if a Club honestly believes that holding the match would put the health and safety of its NYLC Participants at risk due to a disease outbreak or security concerns. As stated in the NYLC Membership Agreement, the Club will forfeit its performance bond (to be decided by the technical committee) and be required to post a new bond prior to the following scheduled fixture or game. This will happen if the Club forfeits a scheduled NYLC Game and fails to field a Team. The DFPD reserves the right to impose additional fines and other disciplinary measures on any forfeits. Any Club that forfeits an NYLC Game by not fielding a Team while it is a member of the NYLC may be expelled from the Program at DFPD’s sole discretion. Clubs are in charge of fielding teams that challenge other Members in a meaningful way. In the event a Club is not able to field consistently competitive teams in NYLC, DFPD will notify the Club of the concern and work in good faith on solutions and timelines to improve the Club’s competitiveness. If the Club is unable to up its level of competition to the point where it is offering other Members engaging games, the Club may be terminated from the Program. The NYLC Game Day Guide outlines and explains all the policies and procedures that clubs must follow on a game day. Clubs should work to get the best facilities they can, as described below. Clubs must train and play all  NYLC Games within reasonable geographic proximity to their Club’s home location unless approved by DFPD. If a Club is unable to provide a  field that meets NYLC minimum standards (minimum of 70 x 110 yards, the Club may be asked to relocate to an alternate location or may lose the right to host NYLC Games.

b. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The NYLC is a league that opposes tribalism, racism, and all forms of discrimination. The NYLC acknowledges that racism/tribalism consists of ideas and actions that lead to

and defend an unequal distribution of privileges, chances, and experiences among racial/tribal and ethnic groups. 

Since this is the case,the NYLC has made a commitment to actively address these problems through participation, introspection, and listening. It has also committed to making an effort to undo learned behaviours and presumptions. An NYLC Participant, including any Club, who engages in any racist or inappropriately exclusive behaviour will not be tolerated by NYLC. The goal of NYLC is to foster an environment for development that is fair, diverse, and inclusive. In order to achieve this, Clubs must make every effort to create a welcoming and secure environment for all NYLC Participants, regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, culture, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. The NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy states that each Club must offer and/or mandate thorough diversity, equity, and awareness training to its NYLC Participants. Each Club shall make sure that its Players and Club Representatives complete such training prior to the start of the NYLC Regular Season (and more frequently if necessary). This training will be offered annually.

c. Non-Technical Facility Requirements

The field needs to be built for football and maintained/repaired properly and regularly. A field must also undergo the safety and wellbeing policy-required inspection before it can be used.

d. NYLC Mandatory Meeting Attendance

Unless otherwise specified, the Club shall send at least one (1) Club director and one (1) Club administrator to each mandatory NYLC meeting or conference call scheduled by DFPD.

e. Recruiting Players/Territories

There are no clubs with territorial exclusivity. Players from any region may be recruited by Clubs to participate in Clubs. Regarding requests for trials, player transfers, and related communications, please refer to the NYLC Player Movement Policy.


a. Performance Bond

As described further in the NYLC Membership Agreement, each Club will be required to post a performance bond of  # 2,000,000.00 (naira) before being declared an official Member. In the event DFPD does not approve the Club for renewed membership, DFPD will return the Club’s performance bond. The performance bond will be forfeited by the Club and the Club will have no further rights with regard to the performance bond in the event that a Club is expelled from NYLC for any of the reasons listed in the NYLC Rules and Policies.

b. Travel Costs

The individual Clubs are responsible for covering all expenses related to travel to NYLC Competitions (apart from those listed in the NYLC Post-Season Guide).

c. Training/Coaching Costs

Each Club is responsible for covering all of the expenses related to coaching and training.

d. Administrative Costs

Each Club is responsible for covering all expenses related to operating the Club, including without limitation any insurance premiums or deductibles mandated by the NYLC Rules and Policies or otherwise.

e. Registration Costs

To take part in NYLC, all Players and Club Representatives who will be permitted on any Team’s sideline during NYLC Games must register with DFPD. As detailed in the NYLC Membership Agreement. There is only one time that each person needs to be counted. Fees are subject to modification at DFPD’s sole discretion after giving Clubs reasonable notice of the change.

Every team is permitted to sign-up a maximum of 23 players for the season, with the exception of break intervals when teams are permitted to add fresh legs to the team lists. No more than five fresh players may be added during any transfer window, but if more than five are added, the team will be required to remove five from the list to maintain the 23-player limit. 

If the team wishes to add a player without dropping any, that team shall be mandated to pay the sum of #100,000.00 by the DFPD or any other fee as stated by the DFPD

f. Equipment Costs

All costs related to equipment are the responsibility of the individual Club, with the exception of game balls and any other equipment that NYLC chooses to provide at its sole discretion.

g. Facility Costs

The individual Clubs are responsible for covering all expenses related to renting a space for practices and NYLC competitions. The facility parking fees (if applicable) for the game officials,the visiting club representatives, and the team transportation (such as a bus or van) for NYLC Games are to be covered by the host clubs.

h. Game Officials Fees

The Home Team will cover referee, assistant referee, fees in NYLC Games during the NYLC Regular Season that are scheduled by DFPD.

i. Fines/Penalties

DFPD reserves the right to assess fines and/or sanctions for breaches, as stated in the NYLC Disciplinary Code. All of the money collected in fines will be used to invest in initiatives to eliminate or reduce costs for Players to participate in NYLC.

j. Certificate of Insurance

Each Club is required to carry liability insurance, keep it current, and, upon DFPD’s request, submit to it a certificate (or certificates) attesting to the Club’s insurance coverage in the amounts and for the coverages specified by DFPD and the Rules and Regulations. See the NYLC Membership Agreement for more details.

k. Other

All costs associated with a Club and the Club’s participation in NYLC are the sole responsibility of the participating Club, unless otherwise expressly stated in these regulations.


a. Secondary Player Medical Insurance

For each Player, DFPD offers supplemental health insurance. This medical insurance only covers injuries sustained during NYLC games, NYLC training, NYLC tryouts, and NYLC tournaments and is secondary to (i.e., excess over) the Player’s personal health insurance. To be clear, coaches, other staff members, and spectators are not covered by this medical insurance. Additionally, if a player discontinues their primary health insurance after joining DFPD, DFPD will not pay for their health insurance. Sublimits, deductibles, and additional restrictions might be necessary.

b. Background Check Costs

Background checks conducted through the DFPD Registration System by a contractor selected by DFPD and mandated by the NYLC Rules and Policies will be fully funded by DFPD.

c. IMPACT Baseline Tests

Each Player must undergo an annual Impact baseline test, and DFPD will pay all expenses related to its administration and delivery.


a. General

DFPD will collect the personal information of all Players and certain Club Representatives via its online registration system software, to the extent such information is necessary to enable DFPD to provide services (e.g. match execution). DFPD shall have the right to implement additional procedures, including deadlines for Registration of  Players through the registration portal.

B. Club and Club Representative Registration

i. Club Registration

All Clubs must register through the online Registration process via the registration platform created by DFPD, which includes the following:

• Registration of Clubs in DFPD assigned football registration website/software.

ii. Club Representative Registration

At any practice, NYLC game, or other NYLC event, all Club Representatives wishing to interact with any Player, including without limitation any Covered Person as described in the Safety and Wellbeing Policy, registered health care professionals (“HCP”), and certified athletic trainers (“ATC”), must be fully registered. The Game Day Roster will be used to check in Club Representatives who will be in the Club’s technical area. Names and photos are created digitally through the NYLC registration software. A Club is only allowed to have a maximum of five (5) coaches or staff members (excluding HCP/ATC, video analyst, videographer, Club Sporting Director, or Club General Manager) in the technical area during any NYLC game, and each of them needs to have a picture on the Game Day Roster.

All Club Representatives must finish the online registration process via the DFPD platform by;

  • completing the DFPD-required background check (and, for new hires,  as well as the Club’s reference check);
  • Uploading a photo of themselves;
  • Completing the NFF Core Training (“Core Training”) (for initial approval) or, if 

    The Core training has already been completed, the official SafeSport refresher course for each subsequent season (available on the safesport website.

  • Submitting a completed and signed NYLC Waiver for the relevant season.

NOTE: Individuals subject to disciplinary action by the YouthFON or DFPD, whether as a temporary or final measure, will not be allowed to participate in NYLC. Clubs must consult the on-line disciplinary records on the website as part of their employment background screening process.

Clubs must not allow unregistered or pre-registered individuals to start their employment or be active in any other role until they have been registered with NYLC and have been officially approved by the DFPD. 

Any Club that allows unapproved/ or unauthorised personnel to participate in any NYLC activity may be at risk of termination of its NYLC Membership and agrees to indemnify and otherwise hold NYLC and all other Clubs harmless from any resulting liability.

iii. Additional Coach and NYLC  Director Requirements

All coaches must follow the NYLC’s Coaching Education Standards (which are a part of the NYLC Technical Standards) and possess a minimum CAF/”NFF B” licence (or equivalent as determined by NYLC staff). All NYLC Club directors must hold a minimum CAF/‘NFF A’ licence (or equivalent as recognized by NYLC, including but not limited to, the Elite Formation Coaching License (EFCL).

All Coaches and Club directors are required to complete annual diversity, equity, and inclusion training, as directed by DFPD.

c. Player Registration

All players who want to represent an NYLC Club must be fully registered through the NYLC registration website/software, names and photos are digitally created, and they are used to check in Players via the Game Day Roster which will be in the Club’s technical area. All Players are required to finish the online registration process with DFPD using the designated registration platform, which includes:

i.  Execute the NYLC Waiver;

ii. Finish the IMPACT Baseline Test;

Iii. Supply details about medical insurance;

iv. Provide the required medical clearance information;

v. Complete all aspects of the NYLC Registration process and not be subject to   suspension; and

vi. Complete the required SafeSport training, if necessary.

d. Compliance with NYLC Registration Process

i.  NYLC may disapprove, deny registration to, and/or disqualify any individual, and/or deny membership to or otherwise discipline any Club, which employs or utilises any individual who either fails to adhere to the registration procedures, falsifies information, breaches the NYLC Rules and Regulations, or as a result of such procedures, is determined by NYLC to be unfit to continue in their current position.

ii. Anyone who forges a document, falsifies an authentic document, or uses a forged or  falsified documents to deceive may be sanctioned.


a. Eligible Players

To be considered an eligible Player, any Players listed on any Club Roster must meet the age requirement for their Club, have completed the registration procedures as stated in Section XI(c), have paid the required registration fee, and must not be subject to a Suspension (to serve a suspension, a Player is required to sit for the entire subsequent match day); Players can only be approved and made eligible by DFPD.

Players not listed on a Club’s Roster or any Player listed on a Club’s Roster but not eligible to play, due to varying reasons such as missing NYLC registration forms, awaiting international clearance, serving a suspension, or not being listed on the official Game Day Roster and line-up sheet, shall be considered ineligible Players. A Club using an ineligible Player during an NYLC Competition may be subject to a Sanction as determined by NYLC and/or a forfeit (by a 0-3 margin) of any NYLC Games in which the ineligible Player participated.

When choosing its Players for each game in an NYLC Competition, each participating Club shall ensure the following:

i. All Players remain subject to DFPD jurisdiction;

Ii. All Players shall be eligible for participation in accordance with the relevant NYLC and FIFA regulations;

iii. All Players must meet the applicable age requirements:

Players who have participated or are participating in any college program at any level ( Junior College, etc.) are not permitted to participate in any NYLC events unless the NYLC Club seeking to register such a Player is granted approval by NYLC following the Club’s submission of an NYLC Player Reinstatement Form. As further described in the NYLC Player Reinstatement Form, examples in which NYLC may allow such Players to participate in NYLC include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • An NYLC age-eligible Player who is under a professional contract with an NYLC Club’s  professional affiliate.
  • A college player who is no longer participating in his/her college program and remains age eligible and is able to commit full-time to all NYLC training.
  • A college player who is either enrolled and not actively Rostered, or a player who has been enrolled in university and withdrawn, who prefers to use NYLC full time as the avenue to further his/her development.

    If an ineligible player takes part in an official Game despite being ineligible, the Club may be Sanctioned by forfeiting the game. Additional Sanctions may be imposed by DFPD against the Player or the Club as deemed by the DFPD’s sole discretion

    b. NYLC Club Roster

 i. Game Day Rosters:

Prior to an NYLC Game, each Team is required to prepare and submit a Game Day Roster to the referee via a digital form. All Players and Game Day Club Representatives must be listed on each Game Day Roster. Clubs are in charge of examining the game day rosters for accuracy and approving a completed copy after the game from the game officials. Any suspensions, additions, or drops, as well as any other eligibility concerns, will be reflected in DFPD’s weekly updates to the NYLC Rosters on the NYLC Registration website.

ii. General:

Each Club Roster shall be published on the NYLC Website and shall be considered the official NYLC Roster of the Club. The date by which each Club must provide an initial NYLC Roster for the season is two weeks prior to the start of a new NYLC season. 

Each Club’s Roster may average no more than twenty-three (23) Players  based on the minimum of 14 fulltime Players. There is no limit to the number of Rostered Players that do not have Nigerian citizenship.

iii. Full-Time Player Additions:

Clubs will have a period of rest during the season at which time Players may be added as full-time (either adding a new full-time Player, a Player transfer from one Club to another, or moving a Future Player to full-time status).

The Club will be allowed to have a total of five (5) Player Adds for each NYLC Team, and they are free to distribute these as they deem fit among their NYLC Teams.

Any unused Player Additions cannot be utilised beyond the deadline unless a Club is promoting a Future Player (added before the deadline) to full-time after the Player Add window and has an open roster slot.

iv. Injured Players:

If a Club is running at the Roster maximum, it may replace a Player with a serious injury (as supported by written documentation from a medical professional detailing the injury) with a new Player in their Roster spot. If the injured Player is medically cleared to return during the NYLC Season, the Club may allow him/her/them to replace the Player that took his/her/their Roster spot with no deduction of Player Adds.

v. Player Transfers/Releases:

Any eligible person is free to sign-up with any Club during the off-season, provided that they satisfy the registration deadlines and eligibility requirements of that Club. A Player who has completed the NYLC Waiver and registered with one Club must go through the official transfer procedure in order to play for another Club during the same NYLC Season. Before transferring or communicating with another club, a Player who wants to change clubs during the Season must first get a written release from his/her/their original club. Transfer requests must be sent to DFPD, which will review them and have the sole and unfettered discretion to either approve or deny a player’s transfer. Before NYLC approves a transfer request, Players may not train or engage in any other activities with a Club with which they are not formally registered. A Player may not be allowed to transfer to another Club if they train with another Club before being released. The transfer of a Player from one Club to another will be handled similarly to any other club additions. Any transferred Player will not be allowed to compete in all head-to-head NYLC Regular Season Fixtures and NYLC Games between his/her/their former and new Club, regardless of being released by his/her/their previous Club (this does not apply to pre-seasons or the NYLC Postseason), unless his/her/their former Club allows such Player to do so by writing to DFPD. If there are no head-to-head Fixtures that remain in the current season, the Player will be eligible to participate, pending service of any other suspensions.

vi. Future Players:

Clubs may add Future Players which will count against Roster totals. A Future Player is a Player who is Rostered with a Club or its Affiliate who is not ready to contribute at the NYLC level full time. A Future Player is not playing consistently and/or enough minutes in NYLC Games to fully develop; therefore, the Player is eligible to play games outside of  NYLC. A Future Player, including a Future Player from an Affiliate, is required to train a minimum of once per week with the Club, in addition to his/her/their non-NYLC team, and overall should consistently train 3-4 times per week. For example, a Future Player may train 1-2 times per week with his/her/their Club and 1-2 times per week with his/her/their non-NYLC team.

A Future Player is only permitted to participate in a maximum of 12 NYLC games per season. A Future Player is allowed to play games outside of the NYLC as part of his or her or their personal development plan with a non-NYLC team within the Club or in an Affiliate to supplement his or her or their NYLC Game minutes. A Future Player must continue to adhere to the NYLC’s play-to-rest schedule.

During the same NYLC Season, a Future Player may not simultaneously hold a Future Player registration with any two different Clubs. A Future Player may only transition to full-time status once during the NYLC Season and may not revert to the position. Additionally, a Future Player does not instantly become a full-time player after appearing in their twelfth (12th) game. The Club must inform DFPD in writing of its plans to upgrade the Future Player to full-time status. Unless the Club expresses a desire to move the Player to full-time status and the Player status has been updated to full-time by NYLC, Players who have participated in the maximum twelve (12) games are not eligible to continue playing in NYLC Games. The decision to approve a request to promote a future player to full-time status rests entirely with DFPD. If a Future Player is still used by a Club after their twelve (12th) game, they risk losing games as a result of using an ineligible player.

ii. Game Roster Size:

Only 15 Players from the Roster will be eligible to participate in each Game, and these Players must be placed on the Game Day Roster (showing Players that will start and Players eligible for substitution).

viii. Bench and Technical Area:

Players and Club Representatives listed on the team’s game-day roster (maximum of 15 players, including seven (7) substitutes on the bench) are only permitted to use the bench and technical area. Additionally, a maximum of five (5) registered Club Representatives, excluding a registered HCP or ATC, video analyst, videographer, Club Sporting Director, or Club General Manager, may sit in the technical area, along with a maximum of four (4) injured players who are marked as not rostered. Any person in the technical area during an NYLC Game must be registered with DFPD as a Player or Club Representative and listed on the Game Day Roster.

d.  Late Registration

After Thursday at 5:00 PM Local Time, registration requests for the upcoming weekend fixtures may not be approved in time for the match. Furthermore, DFPD has the sole authority to accept or reject any registration requests. International approval Per FIFA’s Standards on the Status and Transfer of Players, as it may be amended or restated from time to time, the international clearance process is required when any foreign-born Player over the age of 15 who attempts to register with an affiliated club in Nigeria, regardless of that Player’s skills or talents or citizenship.  FIFA regulations require DFPD to obtain appropriate clearances on behalf of these players before they can register and participate in the NYLC.


Club affiliations should improve the working conditions for all clubs involved because they are primarily focused on technical standards (rather than just commercial or marketing). Qualities of recognized Club Affiliations may include, without limitation:

  • An active “relationship/partnership” with regular contact (min. 5x per year) between the  coaching staff of both clubs (and/or talent identification centres)
  • Club/coach development as part of the active “relationship” with the clubs (and/or  talent identification centres) A contract/agreement must be signed by the Club’s director and by the Affiliate club representative, with board approval from each of the Club and the Affiliate club and DFPD.

The signed contract/agreement document must have a clear exposition of the “relationship” between the clubs, e.g., collaboration on talent identification activities to create a clear Player pathway.


Starting in at least 25% of their Club’s NYLC Games during the NYLC Season is recommended but not required for all full-time Players, including goalkeepers. The Game Report will contain the official record of Player starts, and DFPD will use its best efforts to keep track of Player statistics. The Club is responsible for keeping track of starts by Players and must use reasonable efforts to ensure its full-time Players will meet this recommendation each Season.

i.  If a Player is added in the middle of the season, the Player should start at least 25% of the Club’s remaining NYLC Games during that Season.

ii. DFPD will have the authority to grant exceptions to this upon the Club’s request.


a. Overview

DFPD will place Clubs into State-based groupings and thereafter, Geo-political groupings and set a schedule.

DFPD reserves the right to adjust NYLC Game scheduling.

b. Schedule

DFPD will create and manage the NYLC competition schedule, which typically will be held for a period of 8-10 months  (inclusive of the NYLC Mid-season break).If a Club would like to change a Fixture date, it must contact DFPD four (4) weeks in advance of the Fixture date. All changes are subject to the approval of DFPD.

c. Venue/Kick-off Times/Turnaround Time

DFPD shall set the dates of all NYLC Competitions. The venues and specific kick-off times of the NYLC Games shall be proposed by the Teams, subject to the approval of DFPD. The Teams shall submit venues and specific kick-off times to NYLC for all NYLC Games by a date determined each year by NYLC Program Staff, so visiting Teams can make the appropriate preparations or offer objections for DFPD’s consideration. All Clubs must provide a turf or synthetic alternative in the event of harsh weather conditions. Evening NYLC Games may only be played at venues with appropriate lighting installations.

i. Double-fixture weekends are permitted, but there must be at least 18 hours between each kickoff time to allow for necessary travel and rest.

l. For example, if a Saturday Fixture kick-off is 6:00 pm local time, the Sunday Fixture  may not kick-off earlier than 12:00 pm local time unless authorised by DFPD.

ii. Clubs may not request to schedule three (3) NYLC Games in four (4) days during NYLC  Regular Season competition.

iii. Games may not kick-off earlier than 9:00 am local time.

iv. When scheduling  Games, Clubs should adhere to the following guidelines with regard to  kick-off times and order of Games:

1. The home Team determines the kick-off order.

3. Please allow at least thirty (30) minutes between games when scheduling multiple contests on the same field.

4. Less than thirty (30) minutes between each game is permitted if there is adequate  warm-up space on an adjacent field.

v. Indoor venues must be pre-approved by DFPD at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the game.

vi. Moving a Fixture venue or kick-off time for any reason in the week of the scheduled Fixture  may result in fines and/or Sanctions that will be levied in accordance with the NYLC Disciplinary Code.

d. Facility Set-Up

It is the responsibility of the home team to set up its venue to include the necessary lines, goals, nets, corner flags, benches, and water set up for both Teams and ensuring a clean and well-maintained field in accordance with the NYLC Safety and Wellbeing Policy. The home Team will also provide the official game balls provided by DFPD.

e. Abandonment

 If there is no justification provided by the NYLC Rules and Policies as to why a Club’s refusal to play a Game or continue one it has already started would be acceptable, it may be sanctioned by having the NYLC Game forfeited. The Club could face additional sanctions at the sole discretion of DFPD. In extreme cases, the Club may also have its membership in the NYLC revoked and be disqualified from the current NYLC Competition.

f. Postponement

The DFPD must give its approval for any delays or cancellations that are not related to the health and safety of NYLC Participants. A Club may postpone any Game in the event the Club believes in good faith that proceeding with an NYLC Game would pose a significant risk to the health and safety of any NYLC Participants.

g. Rescheduling a Postponed Game

Provided the postponement is approved by DFPD or is made in line with the exceptions provided herein, the Clubs in question are given the first opportunity to arrange a rescheduled date for a postponed NYLC Game. If there is no rescheduled date within seven (7) days after the postponed Fixture, DFPD will choose the date, location, and time for the rescheduled Game and each Club will be required to participate, subject to any health and safety guidelines released by DFPD. Fees associated with that date will be the sole responsibility of the Club(s) involved.

h. Rescheduling Considerations

Games must reach the 75th minute to be considered a completed game. If a Game does not reach the required threshold, DFPD shall have the right to review all of the facts (including fault on the part of either Team, unavoidable conditions, expense for both Teams, and requests by a Team to take a particular action in the best interests of NYLC, the NYLC Clubs, and the Club’s teams) in determining whether and when a Game should be rescheduled, who should bear the financial burden as a result of cancellation or rescheduling, whether the Game should be forfeited or cancelled permanently and whether other fines should be levied. Unless the Sanction or remediation is set forth specifically in any NYLC Rules and Policies, DFPD shall decide what action to take, and DFPD’s decision shall be final (subject to the NYLC Disciplinary Code).

i. Facility Clearances

 Once a Club has submitted its venues and kick-off times, DFPD assumes that a Team’s  Facility is available for all dates on its schedule. If the Facility is not available, a substitute location must be provided by the Team. For the avoidance of doubt, all facilities remain subject to approval by DFPD and must be in accordance with all NYLC Rules and Policies. DFPD reserves the right to reject approval for any facilities in DFPD’s sole and reasonable discretion.

j. Standings

DFPD takes the responsibility of posting the official NYLC league standings on the NYLC Website. The official NYLC league standings include wins, losses, ties, goals scored for, goals scored against, points per game, and total league points.

Result Points 

Win     3 

Tie     1 

Loss     0

Forfeit 0–3 loss

All standings are generated by the Game Report submitted online by the referee within twenty-four (24) hours of completing the Game. Teams have forty-eight (48) hours to verify their Game Results with DFPD.

k. Division Tiebreakers

If  two (2) or more Clubs finish the NYLC Regular Season with the same number of points, the following procedure (in order of priority) will be used to break the tie and determine the final standings (“NYLC Regular Season Tiebreaker”):

i.     Points earned in head-to-head matches during Regular Season.

ii.    Points per Game.

iii.  Goal differential per Game.

iv.   Goals per Game.

v.    Away goals differential per Game.

vi.   Away goals per Game

vii.  Home goals differential per Game.

viii. Home goals per Game.

ix.   Coin toss (tie of two (2) Clubs) or drawing of lots (tie of three (3) or more Clubs).

l. Wildcard Tiebreakers

i. The ranking of each Team in the wildcard will be determined as follows:

  1. greatest points per game obtained in all Games;
  2. greatest goal difference per game in all Games;
  3.  The greatest number of goals scored per game in all Games.

ii. If two (2) or more Teams are equal on the basis of the above three (3) criteria, rankings  will be determined as follows:

  1. The greatest number of points obtained in the Games between the Teams concerned if only two (2) Teams are still equal;
  2. goal difference resulting from the Games between the Teams concerned if only two (2) Teams are still equal.

  3. A greater number of goals scored in the Games between the Teams concerned if only two (2) Teams are still equal.

  4. The Team with the fewest number of Discipline Points per game throughout the  (NYLC  Regular Season will advance;

a. one (1) point for YC, 5 points for RC, and 10 points for Coach send-off/dismissals 5. drawing of lots by NYLC if three (3) or more Teams are still equal.


a. Game Length

 All  U19 Games will be two 45-minute halves with a 15-minute half time Upon approval from NYLC Program Staff.

b. Substitutions

Substitutions are allowed at any stoppage. Games shall follow the technical standards provided at the beginning of each NYLC season. The maximum limits for substitutions are: 

Maximum of five substitutions from each time over three (3) moments in the game, plus half time, with no re-entry after exiting the match.

Head Injury Substitution:

All substitutions relating to head injuries, including whether to charge such substitutions, shall be handled in compliance with the regulations outlined in the Safety and Wellbeing Policy.


a.  Laws of the Game

Unless otherwise provided in the NYLC Rules and Policies, all Games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game in force at the time of the NYLC Competition and as promulgated by the International Football Association Board, which can be found here. below In the case of any discrepancy in the interpretation of the Laws of the Game, the English version shall be authoritative.

c. Protests of Officiating Decisions

If a Game Decision is subject to Protest, it shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of DFPD

i.   Time:

Unless otherwise stipulated in this article, Protests shall be submitted in writing to DFPD within 12 hours of the conclusion of the Game in question and followed up immediately with a full written report, including a copy of the original Protest, to be sent in writing to DFPD; otherwise they will be disregarded.

ii. Eligibility:

Protests regarding the eligibility of Games shall be submitted in writing to  NYLC no later than 24 hours after the Game.

iii. Field Conditions:

Protests concerning the condition of the field, its surroundings, markings, or accessory items (such as goals, flag, posts, or game balls) shall be made to the referee before the start of the Game by the Coach or administrator lodging the protest, and should be included in the referee’s post-game report to be signed by both Teams

iv.  After a Game:

Following the conclusion of the game, NYLC must be contacted with complaints regarding any incidents that took place during the game.

v. Referee’s Decisions:

Decisions made by the referee regarding play-related facts are final and cannot be contested.

vi. Frivolous Protests:

If an unfounded or irresponsible Protest is lodged, DFPD may dismiss the Protest.

vii. To remove any ambiguity or doubt, all violations of NYLC Rules and Policies other than Game Decisions remain subject to the NYLC disciplinary Code.

d. Match Integrity Policy

Any form of match manipulation is forbidden by DFPD. Clubs that support or plan to support match manipulation will be immediately kicked out of the NYLC and may also face additional sanctions.

The DFPD applies the FIFA Code of Ethics in addition to the NYLC Code of Ethics, as stated in the Safety and Wellbeing Policy, and forbids participation in football betting by any Club Representatives or Players, regardless of whether sports betting may be permitted in such jurisdiction.

e. Disputes

Any NYLC Participant, Club, Club Representative, or person or entity associated with any Club involved in a dispute with DFPD or a Club shall, prior to taking any other action, make a good faith effort to resolve such dispute through negotiation. 

Arbitration will be used to settle any disputes relating to the Membership Agreement or the NYLC Waiver in accordance with its terms.


All NYLC Participants agree that NYLC is the owner of all trademarks and that they may only be used in accordance with the express permission of NYLC and for the duration of their affiliation with a Member or their own Club, as applicable.

a. Uniforms

 For the duration of the official Games, Players, Coaches, and Club Representatives are not permitted to display any image or writing in any language or format on their bodies, playing or Team uniforms, equipment (including bags, beverage containers, medical bags, etc.), or equipment (including bags). The only exception to this rule is the use of non-offensive Team names and logos, sponsorships, and Player names, all of which are subject to review by the DFPD before being used during Games. Players, Coaches, and Club Representatives with offensive, obscene, distracting, or age-inappropriate tattoos may be asked to cover them for the duration of a Game. Clubs are required to have one white (or similarly light-coloured) uniform and one dark uniform. Home Teams will always wear white/light-colour uniforms and visiting Teams will be required to wear their dark/contrasting uniforms on single-Fixture weekends. Please refer to the Game Day Guide for the uniform protocol. Clubs are required to apply the NYLC uniform patch on the left sleeve of their game uniform. In the event the Club cannot reasonably apply the patch on the left sleeve, the Club must contact NYLC for guidance on an alternate location. In the event Clubs are not provided an NYLC patch for the beginning of the NYLC Season, NYLC uniform patches will be supplied to the Club at no cost. However, the Club is responsible for any costs associated with the application of its patch to its uniforms.

b. Soccer Balls

All Games are to be played with the official Game ball. DFPD will provide a set number of Game balls at no cost to the Clubs. No Game can be played without properly inflated Game balls. There shall be a minimum of four (4) Game balls at each game venue which shall be inspected and subject to approval by the referee. All teams will play with 5 balls, filled to 9.0–10.5 psi.

 c. Commercial Rights

Clubs are allowed to commercialise certain products in connection with their participation in the NYLC, per the NYLC Commercial Marketing Guidelines. Any club that wants to partner with sponsors must make sure that all sponsorships adhere to the NYLC Commercial Marketing Guidelines. All decisions regarding the NYLC Commercial Marketing Guidelines and any interpretation of the provisions of the guidelines shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of DFPD.


a. Overview

The referees, assistant referees, and fourth officials (when applicable) will be assigned for each Game by PRO or a designee of the PRO.

b. Fees

Referee fees will be paid as set forth in Section IX(h)

c. Game Report

The official Game Report form must be filled out and signed by the referee following each game. The referee shall enter the game data using the online reporting system provided by DFPD within 24 hours of the Game. The Clubs will be responsible for reviewing the online Game Report and submitting corrections to the appropriate Member in a timely manner. The Game Report will be used to generate standings, track suspensions, and record statistics.

d. Game Information

The referee shall include as much information as possible about all significant events, including injury (serious, any suspected head injury, or any injury requiring emergency medical attention), Player misconduct that results in a caution or expulsion, unsportsmanlike conduct by spectators and/or by Club Representatives, or by any other person acting on behalf of a Club at the Game, and any other incident that occurs prior to, during, or following the Game.


 a. Special Circumstances

Any instructions that may be required by unique circumstances will be given by DFPD solely and exclusively at its discretion. These instructions will be an essential component of these rules and regulations and may, in rare instances, take precedence over a particular rule.

b. Matters Not Provided

The NYLC General Manager will decide on any issues not covered by these Rules and Regulations and cases of force majeure.The NYLC General Manager will decide on any issues not covered by these Rules and Regulations and cases of force majeure.

All decisions will be final.

c. Audit of Club DFPD

DFPD reserves the right to audit a Club at any time to make sure that all NYLC Rules and Policies and Regulations are being followed