What is N-Youth League Cup (N-YLC)?


The N-Youth League Cup, is an elite Youth League competition; a youth competition with the mission of providing world class football experience and competition for teenagers and Young adults between the ages of 16-19 “U-19”.

Background | The Football Culture in Nigeria

Aside from musc, the only other form of entertainment that brings people together, irrespective of language, religion, and culture, is football. Football is an overwhelming moment of beauty, spirit, and pride, In the most populous country in Africa, that passion is palpable. It is more than just a game; it is lfe, especially for most of the Nigerian youth. The Nigeria Youth League Cup is a competition designed to change the lives of these passionate Nigerian football enthusiasts by giving them a platform to make their dreams of playing professional football for top clubs come true, and will set the bar for positive engagement among young, talented Nigerians.

About | The maiden edition of the Nigeria Youth League Cup in the Country.

Like every big thing that was ever made, we are not doing this alone. We are harmonizing efforts from various stakeholders in the football industry in Nigeria and International to create sustainable and scalable grassroots competition across the country. These stakeholders include, but are not limited to, the football federation, professional football clubs, brands and corporate bodies, the media, technical staff, and intermediaries. Together we are bringing a competition that is worth your partnership, and here are the highlights:

1. Pre-Commencement Awareness

Preparatory Press Engagement with our media partners and the press and the opening of the official domain for Online Registration.
The N-Youth League Cup opening ceremony and opening match of the 2024/25 season is on the 8th September 2024

2. Regional Conferences Championships

The regional conferences league competition shall be conducted in selected 10 cities with a total of 30 teams participating, Two Conferences (Northern Conference & Southern Conference). The Northern Conference & Southern Conference will play a total of 420 Games with each participating team playing a total of 28 matches in a season.

3 .National Championship

The Winner of the Northern Conference & Southern Conference plays the National Championship. The prize money for Winner of the N - Youth League Cup is #40,000,000 and a Trophy & Medals from Thomas Lyte.