About the Competition

Football enthusiasts around the nation are eagerly waiting in suspense for the commencement of this amazing U-19 football competition which features a lot of youthful energy, vigor and skills.

This competition offers young players the opportunity to be exposed to local and international transfers and sign-on from top professional football clubs around the world and thus it builds up euphoria among the fans as they can’t wait to witness the rebirth of the next generation of the Nigerian 96. There is a brewing excitement among players as they are all eager to unleash their talents on the football pitch.

The Nigerian Youth League and it’s organizers have promised a fresh wave of excitement, intense rivalries and unforgettable moments of spectacular football competition like the nation has never seen.

This competition is keenly contested among clubs and league academies in various conferences and at the national championship.  

Ten (10) Months of Intensive Competition


Teams participating



Northern Conference & Southern Conference


Teams in both Northern Conference & Southern Conference
420 Games with each participating team playing a total of 28 matches in a season

National Championship.

The Winner of the Northern Conference & Southern Conference plays the National Championship.

Opening Match

The N-Youth League Cup opening ceremony and opening match of the 2024/25 season is on the 8th September 2024.
The N - Youth League Cup competition will be played across 10 Cities Nationwide.



The prize money for Winner of the N - Youth League Cup is #40,000,000 and a Trophy & Medals from Thomas Lyte.

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